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I have a student who doesn't belong in my class. I teach what used to be termed SDC, which in this case means lower functioning students, some both academically and socially. There was a student who was a behavior issue, but was academically proficient. He was failing many of his classes, true, but mostly because he chose not to do the work. That could be addressed in the General Education setting. The problem? He's a pain in the ass. One teacher he had raised such a fuss that the administrators decided to move him into my classroom. Remember, I teacher kids who are below grade average by several grades. This kid scored above grade average. The administrators "disinvited" every teacher who disagreed with this new placement into my classroom, including me, so that we couldn't put a bug in grandma's ear that this was a BAD IDEA. Because it was. Only one teacher was pleased by the change. The rest were like, "What the hell is this kid doing in your class? He doesn't belong there." That wasn't an insult, it was just a statement of fact. So, one month in, the kid is failing what is potentially the easiest class on campus. Why? Because he doesn't do the work. So grandma is attacking me about how can her angel possibly be failing my class, which she knows is about 5 grades below where her grandson is functioning. I don't know...maybe he's bored? Maybe the problem isn't the placement, but is with your grandson who just doesn't want to do any work? So she suggests I e-mail her every day with homework assignments or his missing work, and I all, "Lady, I don't even know what he's missing until I enter grades, and on good weeks that might be Wednesdays and Fridays." She gets all snooty about how I'm taking this personally and that her son has a disability, don'tcha know, when all I told her was the truth. Her grandson needs to take some responsibility and do his work. What does she expect me to do? Sit on him until he finishes? Her grandson went from being the one "problem child" in a class of 30 to a class where every single student has a disability. He's not all that special in here. She won't get e-mails every day like with the GE teacher who only had him to worry about because I have an entire class of students I have to concern myself with. Plus, it's May, the time when I have transition meetings both for all the incoming 6th graders AND the outgoing 8th graders. I have, make that 18, meetings this month. That's a lot, in case you were unaware. That's about what I have in an entire year. I literally have no extra time this month.

Plus, I had a meeting scheduled this afternoon. It was supposed to be a combination annual IEP and transition meeting for an 8th grade student who has a late year IEP. The location was on the invitation. A note was attached to the invitation telling the high school participants they could come at a specified later time since they didn't need to sit through the annual. I spent two months talking to the high school teacher about how it would be a combined meeting held at our school site since it was being tacked on to the annual, and what happens today? THE HIGH SCHOOL REPS DON'T COME. No, wait, the high school speech therapist came because he can apparently read an invitation, but the other two parties do not, and we cannot hold the transition without them. I call the high school counselor and she picks up the phone and I very diplomatically ask here where the hell she is. "Oh, I've been waiting here for you to show up and wondering where you were. The other teacher just went home." I'm surprised my head didn't explode on the spot. It literally tells you on the invitation where the meeting takes place, not to mention the dozen e-mails about this exact subject. I wanted to throttle someone. So the poor mom and her son whose meeting this was had been sitting around after the annual finished for absolutely nothing. Instead of getting these two meetings done in a convenient way for the parent, now we have to hurriedly reschedule because almost every other day this month has a meeting or a field trip or something that leaves me with little time to fill with other things. Oh, then there's state testing which starts tomorrow. So...yeah.

I was less than pleased, and suffice it to say, this day sucked big time. I hate my job right now.
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