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I've created this index of all my stories in an attempt to make finding stories easier on anyone who may be interested.  Some of the stories are locked, so if you wish to read them just friend me and I'll friend you back. No need to ask.

General categories are given to the stories, but angst doesn't mean dark and suicidal. Just kind of melancholy. And gen was the only explanation I could come up with for a story that isn't steeped in one overall emotion. It's just a story, if that makes any sense. Please read summaries for more details regarding a particular story.

11/28/2013 - If you see anything "disappear" in the future, it's probably because I'm working on turning it into something publishable. You can keep track of what's going to the big-time here at my website or in the Published Works sticky post.


Forbidden Fruit (angst)
Summary: This wasn't allowed.

*Hark the Herald Angels Tweet (gen/humor)
Summary: Castiel gets on Twitter, and his followers adore him.

Twittertalk (humor)
Summary: The Boys try to use technology to their advantage.

Three Ways Castiel Had Dean's (Ass)Baby and One Way He Didn't (humor)
Summary: Angels and babymaking.

Exams/Tutoring (gen)
Summary: Angel High isn't exactly a hotbed of social intrigue, but failing can mean losing your wings. Castiel needs Uriel's help.


Skin (gen)
Summary: Have you ever wondered why the boys don't have protective tattoos?

In the Name of the Father (angst)
Summary: What happens to John after he makes the deal with the YED? (AU)

Vice (angst)
Summary: John doesn't drink, he wishes and regrets.

DeadEx: We Get Your Soul There So You Don't Have To (humor)
Summary: John and Denny meet up in the afterlife. John wins 'cause he's a bad-ass (who may be morally challenged - what? I still love the man).

John/Kate Drabble (non-graphic het)
Summary: Sometimes, he called her Mary.

John/Illyria 'verse (het/gen)
Summary:  Tremendously long 'verse covering several stories (crossover with both Angel and Firefly, at different points). John and Illyria meet up in Hell, Lucifer wants Illyria gone because she's annoying him so he hooks her up with John and sends them back to the mortal plane. For fuller summary, click on link and select story. 


The Metaphorical Meaning of Wallpaper in Supernatural


Evolution (gen)
Summary: The evolution of Metallicar.


Guidance Counselor (gen/crossover)
Summary: The new guidance counselor wants to talk to Brittany about her potential future.

First Time (gen/Glee)
Summary: It's Finn's first time performing, and he realzies he might need to go commandofor the rest of the year once the rest of the guys see it.

Famous/Celebrity Student (gen/Glee)
Summary: A new student is coming to McKinley High and Rachel is determined to make him join Glee.

Bullying (gen/Leverage)
Summary: Eliot found his career path early in life.

Missing Scenes/Tags

Missing Scene: Sammy is Going to Stanford (Dean POV) (angst)
Summary: What we didn't see - the fight when Sammy left for Stanford

Untitled (Sam POV AHBL1) (angst)
Summary: A moment with Sam at the end of All Hell Breaks Loose
Part 1

Untitled (AHBL2) (angst)
Summary: There's something the Crossroads Demon didn't know when it made the deal with Dean, but Dean intends on keeping his part of the bargain.

Pagan God Winchesters (generally gen/humor/some angst)

Gather All Hunters, the Trumpet Calls (one-shot) (gen/angst)
Summary: Sam and Dean find out what eternity means for a Hunter.

Reincarnated Winchesters

Two Ships (angst)
Summary: The Boys found a way out of Dean's deal, but it cost them more than they thought. Companion to Do You Remember?.

@Do You Remember? (angst)
Summary: The Boys found a way to elude Dean's deal, but it might have cost more than they thought. Companion to Two Ships.


Scandalicious! Where America Goes for Gossip:  Supernatural or Supernaughty? by Marian Kingsley (crack)
Summary: Rumors of juggling on-set catch the attention of the world's biggest gossip mag.

Good Morning, San Antonio! (Hairspray)
Summary: There are two things Jared Padalecki loves in this world, dancing and Jensen Ackles. If he gets lucky, he just might get to do both.

Sam and Dean

A Modern Fairytale by the Brothers Winchester (humor)
Summary: Dean tries to tell a story with Sam's help.

Lifetime Warranty (gen)
Summary: Have you ever wondered why Dean nearly dies so often?

Two Heads Are Better Than One (humor/angst)
Summary: Sam and Dean are cursed and find that they have developed a more than mere telepathic bond. Imagine The Odd Couple, but taking place inside their own skulls.

@Two Roads (gen/angst)
Summary: Dean's thoughts about his life intersected by Robert Frost's poem The Road Not Taken.

Best in Show (gen/dark humor)
Summary: Why has the Demon been so invested in the Winchesters?

@There are some things Dean Winchester doesn't want you to know... (angst)
Summary: There are some things Dean Winchester doesn't want you to know - an introspective look at Dean.

There are some things Sam Winchester doesn't want you to know... (angst)
Summary: There are some things Sam Winchester doesn't want you to know - an introspective look at Sam.

The Brothers Winchester (dark angst)
Summary: Most people aren’t sure if the Winchester story is a tragedy, or a horrific fable shared to teach some moral lesson.

End of Days (gen/apocalypse)
Summary: The Apocalypse was only a story. They got it wrong.

Folgers Crystals (Dark Angel crossover)
Summary: Two transgenics and two Winchesters meet up in a bar...

Men in the Mirror (MBV crossover - Part 1))
Summary: Tom has too many people in his head already, but when he meets Sam, one more moves in.

Then Janus Flips His Coin (MBV crossover - Part 2))
Summary: Tom woke one cold day in  March, the scent of ash and salt strong in the frigid air.

Lazarus Reanimated (gen/humor)
Summary: When Castiel went to grip Dean tight and raise him from perdition, Dean was already gone. Sam had gotten there first.This is 'Lazarus Rising" if things went a little differently.

Persephone is Bleeding (angst)
Summary: When Dean came back from Hell, he smelled of pomegranates.

The Empty Halls of Our Forgotten Home (angst)
Summary: Heaven fell on a Tuesday. No one noticed.

Angels for Nothin' and Water for Free (Due South xover)
Summary: Dean and Sam get detained in Chicago by a police officer with his own set of unusual partners.

Fourteen (angst)
Summary: If Isis had done it, Sam saw no reason he couldn't do the same for his brother.

Sam runs into Priestly later in life. (TIH crossover/prompt)
Summary: Dean doesn't call on Sam's birthday.

Now that Dean can see fairies, what happens when he meets Sookie Stackhouse? (prompt)
Summary: Dean freakin' hates fairies.

Dean and Sam lost in a maze. (prompt)
Summary: Deana nd Sam are lost in a maze with no GPS, phone, or map.

"French Mistake" - Dean and Sam run into JDM. (prompt)
Summary: Dean is mentally scarred for life.

Sam and Dean washing the Impala as punishment. (prompt)
Summary: See above

Sam and Dean, CDC, waterfall, and mice of the Devil (prompt)
Summary: Pestilence is one sick son of a bitch.


*My Brother the Fishstick (humor/gen)
Summary: Dean gets some tail, literally, after a run in with a nix.

'Til the End (angst)
Summary: In My Brother the Fishstick, Dean gets some tail, literally, after a run in with a nix. This is an alternate ending where Sam and Bobby's plan to save him doesn't turn out as expected.

*You're Not Just Whistlin' Pixie (humor)
Summary: Dean gets turned into a pixie and Sam has to deal with the consequences.

You Can't Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbread Man(humor)
Summary: Dean has a run-in with a witch that leads to something unexpectedly delicious.

Going Ape (gen/humor)
Summary: Dean gets into trouble with a woman, and Sam's going bananas dealing with the consequences.

Where the Wild Things Are
Summary: Sam and Dean stumble upon a fairy curse.

Unhinged Winchesters

Memories Deeper Than Bone
Summary: John has his own secret trapped in the storage locker. Part of the unhinged Winchester trifecta.

@I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died   (angst)
Summary: What happens when Dean doesn't make the deal in AHBL2. Part of the unhinged Winchester trifecta.

What You Wish For (angst)
Summary: Sam did his best to get Dean out of his deal. It didn't turn out like he planned.

Wee and Teen Winchesters

To Be a Child Again
Summary:  Dean's a grown-up before his time.

The Winchester Calendar (angst)
Summary:  The different ways Sammy and Dean view each month.

What Do We Have to Be Thankful For? (angst)
Summary: It's Thanksgiving time for the WeeWinchesters.

Traditions (angst)
Summary: Dean's Christmas tradition.

The Most Dangerous Game - In Technicolor (humor)
Summary: Dean takes Sam for a little training session.

**How Do You Exorcise the Goth from a Teenager? (John Really Wants to Know) (humor)
Summary: Due to a laundry mishap and an off-hand comment by John, Sam talks a walk on the Goth-side.

Hell Hath No Fury (Parts 1 & 2) (gen)
Summary:  John needs to rely on Sam's previous Goth/Punk experience when the Winchesters go undercover to solve a case. (sequel to How Do You Excorise the Goth from a Teenager?)

**Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Auto Shop (gen/humor)
Summary: Sam hears a rumor about his dad at school.  Is it the end of the world or does Arkansas just have really screwed up content standards? Sam decides to find out.

Disorderly Conduct (gen/humor)
Summary: Sam deals with his fear of raisins, Dean gets some action, and John gets accosted by horny old ladies. It's a normal day in the life of the Winchesters.

At Your Service (humor)
Summary: Short of cash, John gets pressed into a job he doesn't want and has more trouble dealing with the everyday problems than he ever did in his regular job.

Fratricide on a Ferris Wheel (humor)
Summary: Sam and Dean stuck atop a Ferris wheel.

Blind Date (humor)
Summary: Dean sets up Sam on a blind date.

Winter Break (gen)
Summary: The Glee club is taking a trip, but Artie and the new kid can't go.

Breaking Into School (gen)
Summary: The Winchesters are about to leave town, so Dean does one last favor for Sam.

Class - Other (gen/crossover)
Summary: In lieu of detention, Dean must serve as a model for art class.

Class - Other ALT (gen/crossover)
Summary: In lieu of detention, Dean must serve as a model for sculpture.

Bus Ride (gen/crossover)
Summary: A boy on his way to Stanford meets a girl on a bus. They have a lot in common.

Famous/Celebrity Student version2 (gen)
Summary: Dean becomes a local celebrity.

Part-Time Job/Unrequited Crush (gen/TIH crossover)
Summary; Sam gets a part-time job at a sandwich shop with a guy who looks disturbingly like his brother.

Jealousy/Parents Not Home (Trueblood crossover)
Summary: Jessica wants what should have been hers. Sam just wants to help.

Bad Boys/Rebels/Shopping (gen/Leverage crossover)
Summary: Dean finds the perfect parking space for his baby, but it apparantly already belongs to someone else. Thus begins the Parking Lot War.

Bus Ride/First Time version 2 (gen)
Summary: Dean's car needs a little loving care and attention, so until that's completed, his father suggests another way to get to school.

Anything SPN/Glee (gen/prompt)
Summary: Sam and Dean get detention.


Dream a Little Dream of Me
(wtf was I thinking!?)
Summary:  What if Sam and Dean weren't meant to be brothers?

*The Tao of Sam and Dean (angst)
Summary: What do you hold onto when everything else is taken away? Companion to Zen.

*Zen and the Art of Mindin' Your Own Damn Business (angst)
Summary:  Bobby's view on Sam and Dean's brotherly relationship and the outside world that made it evolve into something it was never intended to be. Companion to Tao.

@The Song of Sammy (angst)
Summary:  Dean has found his religion. Companion to The Book of Dean.

The Book of Dean (angst)
Summary:  Sam's view of Dean, threaded through Ecclesiastes. Companion to The Song of Sammy.

Be Careful What You Wish For (angst)
Summary: What if Ruby used Sam's only weakness against him?

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here (Smith/Wesson)
Summary: Dean Smith and Sam Wesson want to hunt some more ghosts. They go to the experts for some hands-on training, but can they fight the strange attraction between them?

Rule #217 (humor/MBV ep)
Summary: Rule #217 in Heaven was Never piss off a Cupid.

Possessed Car 'verse/Therapy Sessions Index (humor)
(stories include A God on Four Wheels, Kentucky Fried Voudon for the On-the-Go Hunter, Would You Like Freud With That?, Rorschach: The Night Stalker, Brother's Keeper, Mythical Monsters of the Modern Millennia, Vengeance is Mine,Sayeth Dean, Sociopath or Just Misunderstood?)
Summary: PCv - Sam's thinks the car is possessed. Ts - Directly related to PCv in that Dean makes Sam go to therapy for the awful things he does to the car.

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