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Imagine a world where genetic experimentation is a reality, common enough that the government had to step in to regulate it. Mikkel's creations are as illegal as they are magnificent, none so miraculous as his most beloved creation 1KRV5, more affectionately known as Icarus. Beautifully designed, but fundamentally flawed, Icarus serves as Mikkel's companion, both in his laboratory and in his bed. This is the story of Icarus and his creator, two beings irrevocably drawn to what they are sure they can never have - the freedom of the open sky and the love of a mechanical creature.

It's finally here! 1KRV5 is currently available at the Inkstained Succubus website and will be available later this week through Amazon.
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Originally posted by felisblanco at Attention fanfic writers!!

Some assholes are pulling fic from AO3 and other places without the authors' permission and putting them up on their own site where they make money off them with ads etc. Please search it to see if your stuff is there (you can search by author), then check here for more info, like how to demand they be taken down.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I checked out the site and found several of my stories listed, all from AO3. I filled out a complaint following the format on the above site, so it's wait and see what happens as a result. If you've written anything, I'd drop by to see if they've taken it.
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My story 1KRV5 will be released tomorrow! Here's a sneak peek at the cover, and I will post links tomorrow.

IKRV5 – Icarus to his creator Mikkel - was Da Vinci’s ideal, with only one glaring difference. It was this deviation that was the root of the problem, the copper wings adorning Icarus’ back the one weakness in Mikkel’s most beautiful and beloved creation. It was as if the instinct to fly had been soldered into those wings, as if even the metallic structure of feather and sinew and bone knew what it been modeled upon and ached to fulfill that promise. The wind called his name, but Icarus was unable to answer.
This is the story of Icarus and his creator, two beings irrevocably drawn to what they are sure they can never have – the freedom of the open sky and the love of a mechanical creature.
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I read an article years ago that said it was common for women to have nightmares the week prior to their period. The article also comented that it was common for these dreams to feature dead or maimed children, or other such motifs, because your body/subconscious was letting you know you failed in your role as babymaker for another month. OK, the last part is highly paraphrased, but you get my point. From my experience, it seems to be true. I've had a week's worth of bad dreams. Not true nightmares, but the kind of dreams that leave you feeling unrested when you awaken. I don't remember them all, but in one I was a nanny to Kanye West's child The man was intent on buying a pair of flowered shoes and I was supposedly taking care of his severely developmentally delayed daughter (not his real child North, but a dream kid that reminded me of a student in my class). The child was all mucousy and slobbering all over a nachos cart inside the shoe store. The store was apparantly managed by Mary Lou Retton, who did not want to be asked for autographs. The latest dream had me waking up (within the dream, not real life) to find that every picture had fallen off my plaster walls and taken huge chunks of wall with them. The house was a disaster and the floor was covered with plaster and broken glass and frames. It was a mess. Imagine a week's worth of these dreams!
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So fucking annoyed - no, fucking ANGRY - right now. My neighbor and I share a backyard fence - a super crappy needs to be replaced fence, but that's not the point. She mentions a month or so ago that she wants to ask our back neighbors (unlicensed contractors, mind you) to help with the leaning and I say sure because she can do whatever the fuck she wants with her side. No, I don't say that last part out loud, but it seems I should have. I come home today to find three poles placed in my yard to straighten the fence. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Not only that, they left a huge mess and the cement to hold the poles in place is piled about shin high. Blind monkeys could have done better. Again - WHAT. THE. FUCK. She better not expect me to pay half because this is absolute bullshit. You do not grant permission for people to go into other people's yards and fuck with their shit. And, to top it off, they did it when I wasn't home so I couldn't tell them to get the fuck out of my backyard. I actually feel violated right now. They came into my space without permission and left it the worse for wear. Fuck.
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Urgh. I hate the search feature on livejournal now. It used to go backward chronologically from most recent to oldest and now it's all mixed up. I do not need to search back in 2006 entries, for fuck's sake! I am annoyed.


Nov. 2nd, 2014 09:09 pm
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I've decided to try a bastardized version of NaNoWriMo this year. Rather than writing 50,000 totally new words, I'm getting off my rear and revising a story I've had in the wings that badly needs it, plus adding to it to make it novel length rather than novella length. I've got too many stories in this half-written state to add another one. I'm focusing on my Supernal story, which has good possibilities to reach actual novel length. I just need to tighten the plot to make the ending make a bit more sense. The threat was too generalized so I need to make it more specific!

Here's where I stand, as of 11/28/2014...

51064 / 50000 words. 102% done!

In case you hadn't heard, Hungry Hearts has been released! That means "Persephone Is Bleeding" is finally available for your reading pleasure. There aren't any reviews, yet, so get out there and say some good things! ;-)
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Or, more accurately, the anthology Hungry Hearts was released yesterday, within which you can find my short story "Persephone Is Bleeding". I'm very excited to have something new to share with you! Sadly, there was an error in the blog summary ( I hope they've corrected it!) on the website - Clay is the seventh in line, not the fifth. Seven is a magic number.... A Western Civ professor once taught that the ancient "mystical" numbers were 1 (for the individual), 3 (for the Trinity), and 1+ 3 = 4 (for the individual + God). And somehow that ended up 3 + 4 = 7 (the nearly universal "lucky" number). Everything means something, man!


It had been decades since Clay had seen the sky. He had spent all that time in Hell as Lucifer's pampered Pet, the latest in the long line of Persephones to infatuate the King of Hell. Then, one day, something comes to his bleeding tables that turns his world upside down and helps him to remember that wondrous shade that might just save his sanity...or destroy it.

The name may sound familiar, but it's not the story that's currently up here and on AO3. I just stole the title from myself since it fit this story so well.

You can purchase Hungry Hearts at Inkstained Succubus ->!s... or Amazon ->

I hope you enjoy it!
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I have a short story I'd like to submit to an anthology call. It's about 1,200 words long and its prompt was "blood". Anyone wiling to give it a look? I'll include a link to the prompt so you know what they are looking for.

Thank you for the help!
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After months of dawdling, I finally sent a couple of queries out to agents to start the process. Yay for progress!

Here's the problem. I don't write novels. At best, I write novellas. I think this means my work will be too short for your average agent so I'm not expecting much, but I figured I'd try it and see what happens. Wish me luck! :-)

ETA: One did get back to me and said that the story was too short to sell easily, which is what I assumed. Let's hope the other one is more into novella length stories.
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One of my work colleagues got married over the summer. In the tradition of wedding receptions, they sent out an invite and a card to fill out saying whether or not you would attend and with how many. This card also asked what song would have to be playing to make you dance. Let me make something perfectly clear - I do not dance. To paraphrase the words of the great Dean Winchester, "I don't do dancing, sweetheart." So I wrote how they'd have to play the funeral march because I'd have to be dead before I danced in public, or words to that effect. Yeah, I'm a joy.

I learned just the other day that she actually asked the DJ to play it, but he didn't understand why she wanted it and refused to do it. "You want to play what?!"

Heh. I kind of admire her chutzpah. I should've guessed she'd be willing do something like that.

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"As an introvert myself, engaging in conversation is mentally draining. I feel like I only have so many words I can use in one day, and once I have used them up, I'm done. I'm too mentally exhausted to talk or to listen, and I need quiet time to re-charge."

I found this quote on another site of another person's experience and I felt it really applied to me. The people around me are all the exact opposite - friends, family, colleagues. If given the chance, they will talk you to death and then keep talking to your corpse because they have so much they want to say that not much else matters. Being an introvert in an extrovert's world feels like a 24/7 job. It's almost a survival requirement that introverts acquire extroverts to surround themselves with, to serve as a bit of a barrier to being required to deal with all the inevitable conversation that being a human in society demands. But it can also be frustrating because the extroverts get used to their role in the introvert's life that it's just as much of a battle for the introvert to talk to (or more likely over) the extroverts they know and be heard as it is to deal with the conversations surrounding them.

Being an introvert can be exhausting!
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I received an e-mail from the submission side of the small press that published Misfit Prophets (and will publish my short story "Persephone Is Bleeding"), asking that I call regarding a recent submission. I know, right? The first thing that comes to mind is that I'm about to receive a very solemn lecture about how much my writing sucks and I should really consider never typing words again. Phone calls rarely seem to result in good news, or is that just me?

More )

Am I a cynic or a realist? I don't know. But I'll just take the positives right now and wallow in them over my vacation. I deserve that much!


Jun. 17th, 2014 07:41 pm
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I haven't heard from the publishers about my submission, yet. However, I won't freak out quite yet because this press doesn't have an automated we-have-received-your-submission-thank-you email. It would be fantastic if they did, but they don't so I can't do anything but wait and see. I'm hoping they got it. I guess I'm screwed if they didn't because it was due on the 15th - which is why the automated email would be helpful! It would be proof something was sent on time. O.o Commence nail biting.

I came up with a great idea to alter my Cupid story that hasn't had any success so far. I think I found a way to meld it with an unexpected fairly tale so I can submit it for a call for updated fairy tales. Woo-hoo! The main caveat is that the original story must be recognizable and I'm not 100% it will be, unless you're fairy tale savvy and can make connections. Hmmm. What to do....
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[Poll #1971240][Poll #1971240]

Some are further along than others, but it's summer so I've got time to write!

ETA: Wow. Participation levels have gone down since I stopped writing SPN fic. :-( No wonder book sales have been slow! Otherwise, it seems clear that alien Red Riding Hood wins. I haven't gotten far into the story yet, but it's at 12,000+ words. If I'm really, really lucky, maybe I can get it up to 50,000, though that would be the longest thing I've ever written. My best tops out at 30,000+, I think.
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This is a little premature as it's not even completely written yet (only mostly written), but I need to have an editor on hand to look at it when it's finished. I'm trying to get a short story done for a call that's due June 15th, so I have two more weeks until it must be turned it for consideration. I don't know when I will be done with it. I'm hoping by next weekend so that would give you time to look at it and time for me to fix it, if it can be fixed. However, it might be a few days more than that since this is a busy week for me, but I'm optimistic!

The story is about a robot/cyborg Icarus. There's some mild m/m, but I probably have to ramp that up because they want SEXSEXSEX. Dammit. It's nearing 10,000 words. If you're willing to be an on-the-call editor/beta, please let me know. I'd appreciate the help. This story does need help, especially since I'm attempting to meet a deadline. Usually I write something and let it percolate for eons. Since I'm losing the percolation time, that means it's a lot of nonsense with huge plot holes.

Any takers? 
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I received my first royalty statement today. While still epically far from being a millionaire, I'm $19 richer than I was yesterday! :-) If you have any friends who might be interested in my book Misfit Prophets Beneath a Bankrupt Sky, please spread the word. I don't have a publishing empire behind me to pay for advertising, so it all depends on word-of-mouth.

Please spread the (good) word with your mouths! ;-) That sounds so dirty. It's available at Amazon and Barnes&Noble in both paperback and e-book versions. If you happen to have a paperback version you want signed and will be at the Louden Swain show at Lestat's in San Diego at the end of the month, I'll sign it for you. ;-)

I'm still working on my writing. It looks as if the Hungry Hearts anthology has been delayed for a little while, but it's still coming! My short story "Persephone Is Bleeding" will be included in that one. Yes, I stole the title from another story of mine because I loved it so much and it fit so perfectly. I love coming up with titles, not that they're all gems. My Supernal story is in the editing phase and I've made a lot of progress on my Icarus story. Both need refinement, but I think they're pretty interesting. :-)  PG has faltered a bit because I've been focused on the other two stories so much, but I have been picking at it. If I can make the necessary refinements, I think it could be pretty awesome. I'm already excited about the set-up and I think that section really sets out the pieces quite nicely.

I really feel for Chuck right now. Writing is hard!
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This is absolutely amazing. It seems she has quite a few celebrities she's done.

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My latest work-in-progress is a literary Bermuda Triangle. I've sent it to two people and then haven't heard from them! :-( I feel a bit like the Flying Dutchman, at this point. Maybe I should get a job with the Mafia or become a Vegas magician since it seems I can make people disappear. This is very disheartening.

So it seems I still need a beta. I understand your fear at possibly offering yourself for the position! I'd suggest making sure to leave your coordinates with trusted friends and/or family and perhaps a detailed map of your daily schedule. If anyone has time and is willing to give this story a looking over, I'd really appreciate it.

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Misfit Prophets Beneath a Bankrupt Sky has been out for ten days. Word of mouth is my best advertising, so if you've purchased my book (or even just had good thoughts about it), please drop by Amazon or Goodreads or Barnes & Noble to leave a rating or a review.

Thank you for your support!

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