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Go read about Kane's last concert at Dante's in Portland!

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Go read about Jason Manns' concert (and a slight mention of Steve's) at Blogspot Z! There were some people you might know there....

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Go read Blogspot Z's review of Chuck's band!
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Blogspot Z rambles about stuff that slightly relates to the latest episode. Vaguely. If you squint past the pizza and beer.
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If you want a summary of Saturday at the Van Con, go over to Blogspot Z now! Sunday will be up soon.
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The Watchmen review is up at Blogspot Z. Drop on by to read it.
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Blogspot Z has moved. So to keep updated on SPN happenings on and off your television, please drop by our new lj location! We have a review up for the red carpet premiere of Friday the 13th!

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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News 

                                                  The Miner promotes safety first…in the workplace and in the bedroom.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day MBV style, I’ve compiled a list of must-haves, assorted links, and a contest that will tide you over for the holiday.

MBV Fun 'n Frolic )
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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

[profile] scaperanya  and I went to see MBV again.
For purely research purposes, of course...and the fact that a movie about a mall cop got second at the box office means America has no soul...or taste. Whatever. We did our part to fight The Man, who obviously wears black socks and white shoes with his shorts. 

You'll all be happy to hear that Edwards has the "cool" glasses, so we did not look like we'd recently had major eye surgery.

But you want the important stuff, right? So here you go....

Upon second viewing, this movie is a lot better. I think the wonder of 3D distracted me the first time, so this time I watched everything else. The gore wasn't too much, Jensen was still prettier than Jesus, and his Ackting was really quite good, especially compared to the rest of the cast. The first time he seemed too downplayed, but this time I saw his character for what he was and was quite impressed. It's still understated, but in a way it should be.

Don't get me wrong, the plotholes can be seen from space, right along with the Great Wall of China and Jared Padalecki, but it's really quite an entertaining slasher movie.  

So, in an event never before seen on Blogspot Z, I am changing my rating.

I am granting MBV another 1/2 screaming Jensen  , to make my score a nice, round 4 screaming Jensens out of a possible 5. 

Way to go, Mr. Ackles. You done good.
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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News (affectionately known in media circles as ZSPN)

We went to see My Bloody Valentine (3D) to support The Ackles’ career, so I expect a thank you note for the approximately $60 he picked from our pockets.

Picked...get it? There's a miner with a.... Okay, moving on.


Not that it was bad. It was what it was, a horror movie with lots of blood and some boobies…and other girly bits I really wasn’t interested in seeing, but Ackles seems to pick roles in which one of the female leads must flash her tits and ass.

You think he’ll be dating Betsy Rue in a few months?

My Bloody Valentine (spoilers ahead!) )
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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

Our job to stalk the Supernatural cast kept us busy this week. No, we did not fly to Argentina to have some fun in the sun with Padalecki, though [ profile] pippinlove  was all for that trip.

La chica esta loca para El Padalecki.

No, instead we limited our stalkerish activities to the LA area and saw not only Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but also Jensen Ackles…and we went to his movie premiere! Okay, so not all of us got in, but more on that later. 

                                                 Jensen's name in lights...or marker. Whatever.

Kimmel, JDM, Ackles, and the My Bloody Valentine premiere! )
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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

It was [ profile] gilligan2755 ’s [I’m not telling!] birthday - since three of the four of us were born in December, kind of a group celebration – so she decided we must all defy death by doing something humans were not designed to do.

Paragliding/Hang Gliding )
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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

This weekend we attended another half-marathon. Yes, my friends are certifiably crazy. They run so much they should have thighs the size of tree trunks from all the muscles, but – the world being the unfair place it is – they are accurately proportioned. Dammit. I was also informed that it was an egregious faux pas to refer to such a trifle as a mere 13 miles as an actual marathon, so I probably need to delete the entire Disney entry. *sigh*

LA Half-Marathon )
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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

The gang ([ profile] gilligan2755  and [ profile] scaperanya ) and I clad ourselves in kilts and colored hair in order to see Ten Inch Hero, the Jensen Ackles magnum opus (only after Devour)…again. Yes! We've seen it more than once, but this is the first time we saw it as a collective – except for [ profile] pippinlove , who claims to have these things called a “life” and a “husband” – so that made us Ten Inch Hero virgins, right? We were rehymenated, so to speak!

Oh, man…did I just kind of imply that Ackles popped our metaphorical cherries? Hot damn! That’s the story I’m telling my grandchildren…except that “movie” will be replaced with “prom”, and “hero” will become the ancient Minoan word for "penis". 


Ten Inch Hero )
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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for *Sparkly* News

But not disco ball sparkle, just igneous rock sparkle. Or, as I told a friend, My Little Pony sparkle…or maybe Bonnie Bell lip gloss sparkle.

There are just so many levels of sparkle to choose from! 


Yes, I saw Twilight. Don't you dare shun me – I took a sparkly bullet for you people; you should get on your knees and thank me profusely. For God’s sake, I get off work early on Fridays and I went to avoid the teen crowds only to find some local Catholic school had apparently taken a field trip to see this! In uniform!

I’m not kidding!

Twilight - Where Vampires Sparkle More Than Your Toothpaste )
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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

Yes, you heard it here first![ profile] pippinlove  really was almost run over by Daryl Hannah! Mr. Carlson admitted to her presence at the last show, and at an after party at his lovely abode later that evening, when answering questions at the Chicago Con.

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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News 


Yes, we did it. [ profile] gilligan2755 , [ profile] scaperanya  and I sat down and watched The Christmas Cottage just to put a couple of bucks into Padalecki's pocket - kind of like a stripper, but without the male nudity. I think we might have respected him more as an artist had he gone with the stripping. Kinkade as shown through interpretative dance! Where are the scripts with the down-on-his luck artist/stripper finding inspiration in a snowy Christmas cottage? Find those scripts, Padalecki!

I really do appreciate Padalecki as an actor... )
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 Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

The blogspot Z crew went to The infamous Hotel Cafe on Saturday. Why is it infamous? The story involves a previous visit, Jensen Ackles, too much Shiraz, bicep touching, and a $50 offer for some alleyway fun. Combine any two of those items listed and you've got a scoop.

Steve Carlson @ The Hotel Cafe )
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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

I have failed...failed in my quest to become a great blog reporter who will have a readership of dozens, thereby allowing me to take a tour of the set
 of Supernatural without all the nasty restraining orders that would usually follow. Why can't I remember to take my camera anywhere? So, as punishment, you get treated to a Photoshop Theatre re-enactment of the Dr. Horrible charity screening in LA, using Yahoo images.

Dr. Horrible Screening )

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