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Author's Note: Unbeta'ed. Again, I forgot to keep note of the original prompter's name. I'm sorry!

Waterfalls, CDC, and mice of the Devil )
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Author's Note: Unbeta'ed, and a little bit dirty, even though absolutely nothing happens. Implied slash.

"The French Mistake" - Sam and Dean meet JDM. )

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Author's Note: Unbeta'ed. If you like, you can imagine the unwritten final line to be, Sam: "Why do I feel the sudden desire to take off my shirt?"

Now that Dean can see fairies... )
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Author's Note and Warnings: This prompt requested a continuation of the story where Sam worked in the sandwich shop with Priestly and had a bit of a crush. There is implied potential Wincest (though no actual Wincest), roofies, and possible dub-con (though I see it as drunk guy getting handsy with a guy who doesn't really mind).

SPN/TIH Sam runs into Priestly... )
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As I mentioned in a previous post, I haven't written in a while. I need to get the creative juices flowing, so I've pulled up an old meme to see if it might help. I'm adapting it to suit the circumstances.

Comment in this post to request a drabble of any pairing/character. Prompts welcome. 

You know my fandom - I've only ever written SPN, but I've crossed over with Firefly, Angel, and Dark Angel, etc. Heck, I've been reading Merlin porn and my knowledge with that show is practically nil, but if you've got a wish, maybe it could happen. I'm willing to stretch my writing wings, so to speak, as long as I'm familiar with the show in question. As you might have realized, I don't really write sex, so try to avoid "blowjob in bathroom" or anything like it as a prompt, please. However, I am capable of an implied sexual relationship, so there is that. Wincest is fine, but keep it Sam/Dean and not any other Wincest permutation, please. I don't think my brain could handle Grandpa/Dean.

ETA: A reminder that these will be short, about a hundred words (most likely a little more), but nothing epic.

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Title: John/Kate Drabble
Author: ZanneS
Genre: het (non-graphic)/reference to Jump the Shark
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes, he called her Mary.
Author's Note: Unbeta'd, and a het drabble. One hundred words exactly! Can you believe it? Kripke owns all.

Sometimes, he called her Mary.

She would pull away from him, her eyes hurt, or hard, or - more often than not these days - almost painfully blank, as if she knew it didn’t matter what she allowed him to see.

“Kate,” she’d state firmly. “My name is Kate.”

John would just close his eyes and nod, pulling her back against his chest, and she would nestle against him, her heartbeat reassuring in its steady throbbing hum.

He stoically accepted her censure, and she accepted his reassurances with the same brittle equanimity she always did.

But things never really changed.

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1. [ profile] eleke
Prompt: Missing scene from "My Brother the Fishstick." It can be wincesty or no.
Author's Note: It's over 100 words, but I'll pare down in the next ones, promise. I just like adjectives way too much. Unbeta'd.

His brother was beautiful. )

2. [ profile] tigriswolf
Prompt: John/Mary, dancing in blood
Author's Note: Closer to the 100 mark! This seems AU to me. Unbeta'd.

Red was her color. )

3. [personal profile] hunters_retreat
Prompt: Sam/Dean, on a dark and dusty highway
Author's Note: Still over 100 words, tag-nabbit. Alas, it is not a dark highway, because I figured that to see the dust, you would need the sun. Unbeta'd.

The road cloaked them in a mantle of dust... )

4. [ profile] alldunn
Prompt: PaganGods! Sam/Dean, dreaming in the Black
Author's Note: Still over 100 words and still unbeta'd.

He was floating... )

5. [profile] gypsy_atavari
Prompt: PaganGods verse, Dean introduces Sam to the Firefly crew.
Author's Note: Still not 100! Unbeta'd.

Dean gripped his brother's hand... )

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