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When did "the" become a legitimate way to alphabetize something? I was taught that you ignore "the" and alphabetize by the next word, otherwise you end up with a ridiculous sub list and twice as much work sorting. So "The Sentinel" would be categorized under "Sentinel, The" and "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" would be "Adventures of Pete and Pete, The". I'm seeing A LOT of this new way of alphabetizing and I hate it. Is this this same school of thought that uses quotes entirely wrong in dialog? "I'm angry." He said. rather than "I'm angry," he said. This is driving me crazy!
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I think I've noticed a trend. When the Big Bangs come out, my grammar rage goes through the roof with the absolutely atrocious slaughtering of the English language. I want there to be a master list of people forbidden from betaing and/or writing as a result of this yearly event. You do NOT put periods in the middle of dialogue! "Close your eyes." Jared says  IS WRONG. Why is it wrong? Because (and yes, I do know you should not use because to start a sentence, but I'm about to combust here) the way it is punctuated has made it two different sentences, and while close your eyes can stand on its own, Jared says cannot. It's supposed to be "Close your eyes," Jared says. This way we know not only what is being said, but who is saying it because it all nicely wrapped up in one sentence! I'm ignoring tense for the far more egregious misuse of the period.

My inner English teacher is weeping in anguish and trying to kick my slumbering inner Science teacher into wakefulness so she can create a time machine to go back in time just to make sure everyone is present on the day this concept is covered in class. 

Or like any time they open a book.
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Oh my f-ing Lord! AGAIN! I saw it just two seconds ago! Stop it, people, before I have a coronary! Or use any more exclamation points in my grammar RAGE!!!!

And dismay. Let's not forget the soul-eating dismay over the state of capitals and punctuation in dialogue. I need someone sitting by me and hitting me in the face when I even think of reading fanficiton these days. I'm pretty sure I'm developing an ulcer and an unattractive facial tic from this state of affairs.

I really just do not understand how this is happening. There cannot possibly be this many people who don't know the rules of quotations. I need to research the grammar rules of every other country to find out if it's that much different from standard English usage, and maybe things are getting lost in translation.

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I just saw yet another example of the misuse of periods and capitals in dialogue. I think I may need to stop reading fanfic. I'm wondering if this is the fault of one or two betas who spread this idea around like a virus, corrupting correct grammar users into this depravity.

I will pay Misha to make a PSA to stop the madness. Now that would be a random act of kindness.


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This might be a really stupid question, but have the rules for punctuating dialogue changed recently?

I was taught that it goes like this  -> "I really like this show called Supernatural," he said.

However, I have been seeing this a lot lately -> "I really like this show called Supernatural." He said.

And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. It's been like that in at least 4 Big Bangs I've read, not to mention smaller fic. It's really easy to miss, because who pays that much attention when you're expecting to see what you know? But once you see It's in every piece of dialogue in the entire story. And I just cannot imagine a beta missing that for an entire Big Bang, much less more than one.

Please tell me I'm not crazy. Or, if I am, please inform me of the history of this change because it's making me want to tear my hair out.



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