Mar. 5th, 2011 07:27 pm
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I just hung my framed autographed SPN poster, and I am amused to see that Traci Dinwiddie's autograph has added an interesting (and dirty) twist to the picture. She drew a little heinie with a smooch/pinch mark on it....and it just happens to be placed right over Dean's crotch so it now looks a bit as if she's drawn in his balls.

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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

I'm not putting all of them because...eeeww. You don't want to see that. Trust me.

However, I know you're all dying to see the photographic evidence of my SOUL-CRUSHING PHOTO OP OF...BADNESS.  Okay, so I'm running out of overly dramatic sayings. A girl's got her limits. 


LA Con Photo Ops - J&J ) 

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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

Much like the Allies and Axis powers had their maps of invasion points, I have created a map of GrabbyHands invasion at the LA Con (all in fun, GrabbyHands, if you see this. I thought you were a hoot and a half) collected from several sources and eyewitness reports. You all need to have a GrabbyHands at your future Cons.  

GrabbyHands Map )
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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

[The ALL CAPS show my incensed reaction to some things. Do not take it seriously. You will get far more thorough reviews elsewhere because I am only posting things that really stood out to me and right now I'm too tired to remember coherently so I'm leaving out a lot. My pictures suck harder than Ashton Kutcher's acting, so bear with me.]

LA Con - Now with (Sucky) Pictures! )

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