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I love the band Louden Swain. My friends and I go see their shows whenever they're in town - minus Pippin, of course, but that's because she's married and the pure talent and raw sexual charisma of Louden Swain may make her consider adultery.[Poll #1851338]
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Despite having had my brush with Jensen tonight at the LA County Fair (I saw the guy who played Jensen on Tru Calling, the character the writer - Dark Angel, too! - wanted to be played by Jensen Ackles, but he was already committed elsewhere so he couldn't. Plus, the guy starred in Fired Up with Danneel Harris), I am feeling uninspired. So help me do something besides watch TV and read fanfic.

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You know, whenever someone talks about a missing muse, it kind of irritated my saner side. Who knows why, probably the same reason the term "plot bunny" gets my hare in a twist.

Hee. See what I did there?

But I've been beyond busy (legitmate reasons mixed with absolutely nothing) the past few weeks and left with no will to write anything. I'm contemplating the two big projects I should be working on this weekend, one I definitely need to finish before Monday, and I'm guessing very little outside of that will get done.

Plus, I really want to squeeze in a viewing of Gabriel Tigerman's movie, Skills Like This. Did you hear about that? If not, go here.

So I'll do a useless kind-of poll...kind-of in that it'll takes more space than given in an lj poll, so I'm not using that feature. I'll give you a piece from my main three stories to see what interests anyone who might take a gander.

What should I work on if I have time?

1. SPN/Wonderfalls crossover: 

Sam waited patiently until Dean cracked under the silence.

“Saw it on the Ghostfacers’ blog…said something about a girl running into a spirit on the local rez – two of the tribal members nearly died. Rumor is she’s been involved with arson, kidnapping, robbery, and other strange ‘accidents’. They think she’s either a shaman, psychic, or cursed.”

“Since when do you trust anything you find on Ed and Harry’s site?” Sam asked with a snort of disbelief. “They claimed to have an interview with alien life-forms two weeks ago…some teenagers from Roswell.”

“They asked some pretty good questions.”

“It was a TV show,” Sam reminded him. “Next it’ll be a hard hitting story about a high school girl who kills vampires.”

2. Billy Part 4: 

Billy could sense Uncle Dean roll his eyes, even over the phone, but his explanation was succinct. “Billy likes dick.”

Uncle Sam’s voice spilled clearly down the line, as if he suddenly were hanging right over Dean’s shoulder. “That explains why he likes you so much.”

3.  Smith/Wesson:

“I think all four of us might be able to take one of them down for a couple of minutes,” Maggie said with a shrug. “Or maybe you three could try while I run for help.”

“And let yet another kind of Winchester take down a proud Native American Jew?” Spruce asked, the camera lens swinging back over Ed’s shoulder to zoom in on Sam’s overly large bicep. “No way. I’ll run for help. You’ve got those tiny girl hands that could get past their defenses; I don’t think they’d hit you back.”

Yeah, my Ghostfacers' characterizations need work, but this is a rough draft. I need to rewatch the episode.

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Vacation leads to far too many polls and boredom. Don't get me wrong - vacation = good! But I'm spamming my own f-list with my brain vomit. That's just wrong. Plus, it leads to me looking at my icon and realizing the word HAND is highlighted right over Ackles' crotch. If that isn't a Freudian slip, then it's at least a Freudian garter belt or something.

But back to my poll. Remember it?

Well, according to the results (which have yet to close), the results were Demon!Dean, Mummy RPS (which was in the lead until I said my prompt had been picked up so it was already being written), Billy and Manny, and miscellaneous.

Since democracy has no place in my lj (or my brain works backwards), guess what that means? You're right! I finished one of my unfinished stories I started ages ago from a couple of prompts by [ profile] trcunning . It's being beta-ed, so you'll hopefully see it after New Year's. It's a Dark Angel crossover so there's some Alec in it! The next chapter of Demon!Dean is nearly complete, and Billy and Manny's story is still just in my head. As you might recall, the Mummy/archaeologist J2 love story is now being written by [ profile] hunters_retreat as my birthday present, so it'll be unfolding chapter by chapter with lots of tan, sweaty, linen-clad Boys in it. Yum!

And because it's not a Zanne ramble without a poll, here goes...

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I had an epiphany this morning...the pagan gods touched me (not in a naughty place, tag-nabbit!) and I think I thought of something that could potentially rock.  Of course, this is pre-shower and breakfast so who knows how it might turn out. I still may have been sleeping. It may be entirely beyond my capabilities. I may have just talked myself out of it. Why can't there be video recorders implanted in our brains that write thoughts to paper?

To make amends for this poll, the latest pagan gods chapter is being beta-ed. 

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