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Title: Untitled - Prompt by fictionalfemme: Sam and Dean, high school years, McKinley High. Sue Sylvester is the new gym teacher.
Author: ZanneS
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Characters: Dean, Sam, Sue Sylvester
Summary: Prompt by fictionalfemme: Sam and Dean, high school years, McKinley High. Sue Sylvester is the new gym teacher.
Author's Note: Unbeta'ed since this is a writing exercise to wake up my brain. All errors are mine. Supernatural belongs to Kripke and Glee characters belong to Murphy. 

Dean, Sam, and Sue )
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Title: Untitled - Prompt from ianthe_echo: Supernatural, Sam, Dean and Cas at Renaissance Fair 
Author: ZanneS
Genre: Gen/crossover (surprise!)
Rating: G, but mentions of bosoms
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Sam, and guest
Summary: Prompt from ianthe_echo - Supernatural, Sam, Dean and Cas at Renaissance Fair
Author's Note: Unbeta'ed since this is a writing exercise to wake up my brain. Any mistakes are mine. It went in an unexpected direction. Kripke owns Supernatural. The BBC owns the surprise guest.  

Sam, Dean and Cas at Renaissance Fair )
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Taken from elsewhere.

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

You can try any famdon, but I can't guarantee I know it or can write it. However, I do watch a lot of TV, so you might be surprised. Doesn't hurt to try!

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Author's Note: Unbeta'ed. Again, I forgot to keep note of the original prompter's name. I'm sorry!

Waterfalls, CDC, and mice of the Devil )
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Author's Note: Unbeta'ed. This is an old prompt and I apologize for losing the name of the original prompter. I thought I wrote it down in the story notes! Dean is kind of a dick in this one, but a dick in the way the big brothers often are to little brothers. He got better.

Sam and Dean washing the car as punishment (pre-series) )

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1. [ profile] eleke
Prompt: Missing scene from "My Brother the Fishstick." It can be wincesty or no.
Author's Note: It's over 100 words, but I'll pare down in the next ones, promise. I just like adjectives way too much. Unbeta'd.

His brother was beautiful. )

2. [ profile] tigriswolf
Prompt: John/Mary, dancing in blood
Author's Note: Closer to the 100 mark! This seems AU to me. Unbeta'd.

Red was her color. )

3. [personal profile] hunters_retreat
Prompt: Sam/Dean, on a dark and dusty highway
Author's Note: Still over 100 words, tag-nabbit. Alas, it is not a dark highway, because I figured that to see the dust, you would need the sun. Unbeta'd.

The road cloaked them in a mantle of dust... )

4. [ profile] alldunn
Prompt: PaganGods! Sam/Dean, dreaming in the Black
Author's Note: Still over 100 words and still unbeta'd.

He was floating... )

5. [profile] gypsy_atavari
Prompt: PaganGods verse, Dean introduces Sam to the Firefly crew.
Author's Note: Still not 100! Unbeta'd.

Dean gripped his brother's hand... )
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Title: Fratricide on a Ferris Wheel
Author: ZanneS
Genre: Gen/TeenWinchesters/Crack
Rating: PG (the occasional bad word)
Characters: Sam, Dean, and a mention of John
Summary: Sam and Dean stuck atop a Ferris wheel. 
Author's Notes: Thanks to [profile] maritx for beta-ing! I asked for prompts in my journal and this story is based on "stopped at the top of a Ferris wheel" from [personal profile] roseincognitus  and "rabbits, dinosaurs, and aliens" from [personal profile] astrothsknot. It's probably not quite what they thought, but it is crack-ish. Kripke owns all.

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So how about that strike?

Okay, enough with the idle chit-chat. I am bored. I should be kicking my lazy butt into gear and doing all that stuff called work that I avoid so enthusiastically, but where's the fun in that? I got my tickets for the LA con so I'm giddy!

But, I'm stalled writing-wise. My latest is being beta-ed, but with the strike thing you might see it sometime this weekend - unless I forget or it gets delayed, either of which is possible. I've got a small pile of half-written going nowhere crap and one line of inspiration for my next pagan gods segment, which has turned into something like Lord of the Rings with less hair product. 

“You bought the truck of a redneck drug lord!”

So you can see my dilemma.  If you would so desire, leave me a prompt and I'll see what I can come up with. I can't promise anything hardcore - please, you've seen the sex I write. Nuns can do better. I've glanced at some prompt pages and single words like "pain" somehow don't get my synapses firing in anything resembling creativity. Maybe something like "pain, ice cream and gold mining".  Who knows? Specificity is good; specific specificity is better. Even a quote like the above might work. You'll get credit!

Or, you can ignore this and laugh at my pain.  Either option will lead to amusement on your part. 

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