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I am utterly out of ideas. I've got half-written stories that are apparently as appetizing as the gruel in Oliver!, except the pitiful orphan that is my subconscious is not asking for more. 

I think I need some prompts to kick start my brain. If you want to leave a prompt - characters, pairings, situations, fandom crossovers...please feel free to leave a tuppence in my writer hat. It's on the dole, these days. 

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Hhhmmmm...I was perusing the reverse big bang pictures and I got an idea. Would it be in incredibly poor taste to maybe one day write this idea, even if I have not signed up for this challenge?

My main issue is that it inspired an RPS/F idea, and I don't write RPS/F - hence it shall take extra long to possibly complete as I deal with the whole RPS/F thing. But it seems like a really good idea, at least at this point in time when I'm in desperate need of sleep.


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My friend needs to to sell her ticket. It's prime real estate - A13, I believe, which is front row middle.

What does this mean for you, the lucky buyer of this Golden Ticket?

You can smell the manly aroma of the Supernatural celebrities as if you were SITTING IN THEIR LAPS. Jared Padalecki may actually SWEAT ON YOU. There is constant eye contact, and inadvertant groin/eye contact as you are at the PERFECT ANGLE.

Imagine, sitting in your comfy first row seat without the inconvenience of having a GIGANTIC HEAD OF HAIR blocking your every camera shot.

With Misha Collins as a scheduled guest, this is like your OWN PERSONAL HEAVEN.

All it costs is the price of the ticket (or best offer), which is exactly what she paid for it (or maybe just a little less)! 

Admit it, it's better than a life-time supply of chocolate from a creepy, agoraphobic chocolatier with daddy issues.

                                           Jared and Jensen are already bidding!


If you are interested, just let me know, and I'll pass on the information to my friend anya. It's pretty much first come, first serve. Pony up the cash (or check or whatever) and it's yours!

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Yeah, a little irritated as I read it. They practically bent over backwards to blow themselves (and that's not even physically possible!) over how great Ruby was written and how uber-sneaky they were with her true intentions. It became abundantly clear that either 1. Kripke does not watch his own show, or 2. he thinks Supernatural fans have the collective intelligence of a pimento loaf. 

Neither thought instills me with confidence.

In my opinion, the only people who bought the good demon schtick (with the infinitely bad acting) were infants, and people in comas.

No, I take that back. Even they knew it was bullshit, which just made Sam look even dumber.

The other realization I came to as a direct result of this book was that Kripke needs to stay away from casting sessions if he was in any way responsible for the Ruby 2.0 disaster. If he wasn't, he needs to 1. never give acting direction to his actors ever again, or 2. fire the people directly responsbile for this atrocity so it can hopefully be erased from the annals of human memory.

It was painful to read. I am hoping he was roaringly drunk when interviewed for that section.


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Has anyone read this book? I've read War of the Sons, and it left me with mixed feelings.

I suppose part of the problem is that the books tend to be larger in scope, and I'm always left frustrated that we, as viewers, can't see time traveling adventures in 50's New York, huge kick-ass demon battles leaving dead littered behind them like crushed beer cans, and The Boys dressed as bellhops in an episode. So much happens off-screen (in these books), that it makes what happens in the episodes seem like they are telling a weaker story, if that makes sense. I know it's a budgetary thing, but it rankles a little.

Plus, the complete disconnect between book-verse and TV-verse can be off-putting. Dean meets the love of his life, but we never hear about her show-wise, even in passing. (Hint: it's not Lisa or Cassie.) I'm not sure whether that makes the Lisa retreat at the end of the season make more or less sense. Ruby has been rewrittten as a bad dating escapade that Sam still has wet dreams about. The Boys meet Abaddon and Lucifer's first wife Eisheth, who spent the whole book looking for her husband and who they bring back with them and dump in modern day to wander about at will, and none of that comes up?

I think reading these tie-ins frustrates me more than they are meant to, but the comics made me flip out completely (vampires?! REALLY? They didn't know they existed until late season 1!), so I'm not surprised. If I pretend I'm utterly blind to continuity or common-sense, then they aren't bad reading.


Dec. 11th, 2009 11:32 pm
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The one thing that has gotten me through this sucky week is the memory of seeing Jensen's grandpa cap in a Las Vegas (not nearly naked enough) male revue last weekend. When things got too stressful, I wondered what other adventures Jensen's grandpa cap got up to when he wasn't looking. I bet the grandpa sweater vest is seething with jealousy.


Jensen's grandpa cap running with the bulls in Pamplona.

Jensen's grandpa cap white water rafting in the Amazon.

Jensen's grandpa cap at the peak of Mt. Everest.

Have you caught Jensen's grandpa cap on any of its recent adventures?


Oct. 4th, 2009 06:34 pm
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Oh my God. 

I just saw an icon of Priestly and it hit me.


I want to write a story with Dean, Priestly, Ben, Alec and maybe even Jake and Eddie and Tom, with the Angels trying to cultivate the perfect body for Michael. *eep* It would be so awesome if I could do it. Then I could do the flip side for Lucifer and Sam. Ha! Thomas Kinkade as the potential Devil.

It requires much mucking with the timeline, but...BUT!

Eddie -> Jake -> Tom -> Dean -> Priestly -> Ben -> Alec

And the kicker is, they all could conceievably still be alive at the same time, though Eddie would be super OLD.
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[Um...yeah. This means nothing. I could have tied it into Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper, but will save that should I ever need to write an essay tying literature to television.]

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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

Why am I having Padalecki thoughts? Not in a gross way, mind you, but I was thinking about Friday the 13th earlier (random! I know!) and then I saw his DVD Christmas movie cover and my brain's been infested.

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