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Author's Note and Warnings: This prompt requested a continuation of the story where Sam worked in the sandwich shop with Priestly and had a bit of a crush. There is implied potential Wincest (though no actual Wincest), roofies, and possible dub-con (though I see it as drunk guy getting handsy with a guy who doesn't really mind).

SPN/TIH Sam runs into Priestly... )
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Title: Part-Time Job/Unrequited Crush
Author: ZanneS
Rating: G
Genre: gen/crossover (pre-series SPN/Ten Inch Hero)/teenwinchester
Characters: Sam, Priestly, Piper, Tish, Jen, Dean
Summary: Sam gets a part-time job at a sandwich shop with a guy that looks disturbingly like his brother.
Author's Note: Thank you to [ profile] janekrahe  and [ profile] agent_jl36  for agreeing to beta. 
Disclaimer: Kripke and Mackay own all.

Part-Time Job/Unrequited Crush )


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Blogspot Z: The Last Place to Go for News

The gang ([ profile] gilligan2755  and [ profile] scaperanya ) and I clad ourselves in kilts and colored hair in order to see Ten Inch Hero, the Jensen Ackles magnum opus (only after Devour)…again. Yes! We've seen it more than once, but this is the first time we saw it as a collective – except for [ profile] pippinlove , who claims to have these things called a “life” and a “husband” – so that made us Ten Inch Hero virgins, right? We were rehymenated, so to speak!

Oh, man…did I just kind of imply that Ackles popped our metaphorical cherries? Hot damn! That’s the story I’m telling my grandchildren…except that “movie” will be replaced with “prom”, and “hero” will become the ancient Minoan word for "penis". 


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