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Title: Be Careful What You Wish For
Author: ZanneS
Genre: Wincest (one-sided)/AU of IKWYDLS
Rating: PG (adult themes)
Characters: Sam/Dean, Sam/Ruby
Summary: What if Ruby used Sam's only weakness against him?
Author's Note: Thanks to [ profile] hunters_retreat  for beta-ing! This story came to mind almost immediately after IKWYDLS when Sam stated, "She said what you would have said, Dean." Yes, I laughed. What? It was funny. It screws with the timeline and events a of Sam's lost summer a bit. Large portions of dialogue/action taken from IKWYDLS. Kripke owns all.

Be Careful What You Wish For )
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Title: The Book of Dean
Author: ZanneS
Genre: Wincest (non-graphic)
Rating: PG (adult themes)
Characters: Sam/Dean (non-graphic)
Summary: Sam's view of Dean, threaded through Ecclesiastes.  This is a companion to Dean's view of Sam in The Song of Sammy found here ->
Author's Notes: Thanks to [profile] insomnia_geek for beta-ing! You all know a little of Ecclesiastes if you've ever heard The Byrds' Turn, Turn, Turn. The Bible verse I used (and edited) can be found here ->;&version=65;.  Kripke owns all. 

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Title: The Song of Sammy
Author: ZanneS
Genre: Wincest (non-graphic)
Rating: PG (adult themes)
Characters: Sam/Dean
Summary:  Dean has found his religion.
Author's Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] gestaltrosefor beta-ing! This is based on The Song of Solomon, a biblical story that is often seen as a allegory regarding the relationship between God and man. There are many translations and many interpretations, so I just added my own. It's utterly bizarre how well this fit with a few pronoun changes. The version I used (and edited) can be found here -> No offense intended to anyone. Kripke owns all.

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Title:  Zen and the Art of Mindin’ Your Own Damn Business 
Author:  ZanneS
Genre:  Wincest (non-graphic)
Rating: PG (bad language)
Characters/Pairings:  Bobby, John, Sam, Dean (and implied Sam/Dean), mention of Pastor Jim
Summary:  Bobby's view on Sam and Dean's brotherly relationship and the outside world that made it evolve into something it was never intended to be.  This is a companion piece to The Tao of Sam and Dean (
Author's Notes:  Thank you to [personal profile] gestaltrose  for her fast beta-ing.  She had no idea what this was about before reading and still got it, so no worries if you haven't read Tao.  It'll just be even better if you do.  Kripke owns the Winchesters and I'm counting down the minutes until the season premiere.  This story will be friend-locked after a week.

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Title: The Tao of Sam and Dean
Author: ZanneS
Rating: PG (inexplicit sexual references)
Genre: Wincest (non-graphic)
Summary:  What do you hold onto when everything else is taken away? 
Author's Note: Once more, my many thanks go to [personal profile] tigriswolf  who is not afraid of the Wincest. Let me assure you all that there is absolutely no Weecest in this piece - all of the non-graphic Wincest takes place after John's passing. I wanted to take a brief peek at how things might have gone if the boys had been more...psychologically damaged than they appeared from the brief bits we saw of them as children. Kripke owns them all, tag-nabbit.

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Part of the Possessed Car 'verse

Rating: PG (themes)
Genre: Wincest - all talk, no action 
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam goes to see his therapist again, at Dean's insistence.
Author's Notes: Beta'd by [personal profile] lyonie17  - awesome person that she is! This is part of the Possessed Car 'verse, and takes place after Sam's last therapy session, and before Part 4. Italics indicate the therapist is speaking, normal print is Sam speaking and ALL CAPS indicates the therapist's notes. Never go to this therapist. She's not very good and is also kind of crazy. I don't own The Boys or their psychoses.

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Part of the Possessed Car 'verse

Rating: PG
Genre: Wincest - all talk, no action
Summary: Sammy sees a therapist for his car fixation.
Author’s Note: This is a record of a therapy session of Sam Winchester. It takes place between Parts 2 and 3 of the Possessed Car ‘verse. It’s a record of conversation and the therapist’s notes - regular print will be Sam speaking, italic will be the therapist speaking, and ALL CAPS are the therapist’s written notes taken during the session. 

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Genre: Wincesty overtones, though only Vengeance has actual Wincest
Rating: PG overall for mostly bad langauge, R for Vengeance
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: PCv - Sam's thinks the car is possessed. Tv - Directly related to PCv in that Dean makes Sam go to therapy for the awful things he does to the car.
Author's Note: Beta'd by

[personal profile] lyonie17! Kripke owns The Boys, The Car, and my soul.

A God on Four Wheels (PCv) -

Kentucky Fried Voudon for the On-the-Go Hunter (PCv) - 

Would You Like Freud With That? (ts) -

Rorschach: the Night Stalker (ts) -

Brother's Keeper (ts) -

Mythical Monsters of the Modern Millennia (PCv) -

Vengeance is Mine, Sayeth Dean (PCv) -

Sociopath or Just Misunderstood? (ts) -




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