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I've just seen a little of it, but there are some people flipping their shit on behalf of the Ackles family because some paps at the airport got a picture of the baby. The main complaint seems to be that the Ackles have made a public statement saying they didn't want baby photos released.

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I have so much crap to get rid of. I mean, a Buffy skateboard seemed like a really good idea when I was in my 20's, but now it's collecting dust on the top of my bookcase - still wrapped in its protective plastic. And the talking Sean of the Dead figurine (in box)? It's not doing me much good in my closet in the event of a British zombie invasion. No one needs a vamped out Angel puppet (with box, though not currently in it)...when they already have a normal Angel puppet and a Spike puppet, who wasn't even a damn puppet in the "Smile Time" episode. Heck, I have a Dr. Who v.10.0 sonic screwdriver that still needs the tiny batteries put in it.

I am a fandom-merch whore, obviously.

Though, to be fair, I'm pretty sure I'll be eyeing my Ackles-autographed Red Hood maquette in twenty years and wondering what in the hell I was thinking. As for the Padalecki-autographed Friday the 13th bobblehead? That had to be a hallucination because who on Earth would get a Jason bobblehead signed?


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I'm a little scared that this person on TWoP is spouting Twiquotes (with page numbers!) to support her assertion that Bella is not completely off her cracker. Her absolutely sincere belief that it is completely normal to lose your shit to that extent when your vampire boyfriend leaves you makes me weep for the youth of today.

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